Social Media Campaign Manager

Many business owners simply do not have the time, skills, or financial ability to hire a full time social media manager to post content to their social media pages. That’s where we come in. For just $200 per month we do it for you.

Our social media campaign managers are the best in the business, they will implement and manage all aspects of your social media accounts, including; write articles, post videos, and promote your content.

We handle all the moderation, comment response, debugging, as well as reply to or delete any malicious comments towards your company or its professional profiles. We create all the content and you can promote any product or service you would like.

Your social media manager will provide placement of 5 unigue tweet/post per business day in each of the major social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, google+ and more.

All of the daily content we post to your social media pages are hand curated by our expert content posters. We aim to post content that will inform , educate, excite, and engage your followers..

When you sign up with us you will fill out a company profile. We will use this information along with your website or blog. ( If you have one) to research and explore the web to find content that is related to your business and industry. Additionally, you can send us any info, updates, or media to our 24/7 email support to post for you.